Other fair trade products we sell.

Fair Trade Loose Tea

Having committed ourselves to buying fair trade tea, and being loose tea drinkers ourselves, we have spent much time combing the country looking for tea to purchase. And so we know how difficult it can be to find fair trade tea!

As a result, we are now importing loose, fair trade tea ourselves, and will be offering it for sale at our events. Not to make money, just to encourage people to think fair trade and to drink good tea!

If you would like more information, contact us.

Fair Trade Djembe Drums

We have found a good source for fair trade djembes, and are now importing them ourselves so we can get them into the hands of people across the country! If you are interested in buying a djembe, contact us or talk to us at one of our events.

If you are interested in drumming, visit our drumming page for basic instruction and encouragement.

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