Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My heart is full :)

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your passion, and your knowledge.

And thanks, most of all, for sharing your music.

We are blessed.

~ Alison Mewett, St George's UC, Courtenay BC, 2012

People loved [your concert]! At our Board meeting last night, our minister…said she had been singing all day, and in the shower too! Wait a minute—isn't that the main point of your whole musical mission?!?! Ah, success…
~ Winnipeg concert host, 2008

"You could make stones sing!"
~ participant, Epiphany Explorations 2006

I was a little nervous at first, worrying about all the mistakes I would make. But it was great fun! The atmosphere was relaxed and I couldn’t stop smiling.
~ drumming workshop participant, Portage la Prairie, MB, 2008

"When we have music and lyrics like yours' why [does the church] need to [sing] such drivel?"
~ Alan C. Whitmore, church musician & hymnbook editor

"Your music made my week!"
~ delegate, General Council 2003

I have your "Returning Home" CD, and have played it hundreds of times, and it never loses its freshness, or its amazing ability to sooth.
~ Winnipeg concert-goer, 2008

"It is unusual for us to have our spirits warmed and nurtured in such a way… I was particularly touched by your songs and words of healing.…"
~ participant, Maritime Tour 2002

That was a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ drumming workshop participant, 2008

"…we left [your event] touched with your warmth, and deep and expressive spirits."
~ venue host, Advent Tour 2005

"The talent and spirit you laced through the conference turned our work into devotion andour praise into a glimpse of the beauty of God."
~ participant, BC Conference 2002

[Our daughter] is taking piano this year, …and when Bruce was playing the flute, she basically didn't even breathe. Just stared and took it all in. I thank you for this, as we are really trying to nurture her love of music.
~ Winnipeg concert-goer, 2008

"Your energy and enthusiasm, joy and gifts made [the] weekend the God-filled, Spirited worship experience that it was!!"
~ event organizer, Dartmouth NS, 2004

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