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There is room for all - September 26

As someone with friends from many faith paths, I rejoice in the diversity of spiritual expression, the multi-faceted faces of the Holy which guide and nurture my sisters and brothers around the world. "There is room for all," from our album This is the Day, has been a favourite of mine for a number of years for that reason, since it reminds us of the all-embracing love of God-by-many-names. Hallelujah!

As Psalm 91 is in the lectionary readings for this week, we're celebrating by offering you a free download of an SATB score, an SATB/piano score and an mp3 of "There is room for all" (with wonderful accompaniment on tabla and dilruba by some amazing musician friends, followers of the Sikh faith) to help you sing again in tune with each other and with the Divine. Enjoy!

We would appreciate it if you would ensure the full copyright credits are included on any copies you make, and if you have a license from www.licensingonline.org, please record any songs of ours which you use in worship to help support us in our music making. You can also make a donation anytime for the use of our music, as you see fit, by clicking on the Pay Now button on our MelodicArts sales page, or search through our full catalogue of pdfs, mp3s, CDs and songbooks. Thanks for supporting our ministry!

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