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New CD of music and meditations soon to be ready!

Last night, our good friend Kathy MacKean came over to Evensong Studios to finish recording the spoken meditation tracks for a new CD which has been in the works for a while, a disc with spoken guided meditations by Kathy and music by Cheryl and Bruce.

We have led healing services with Kathy for a number of years now and have been greatly influenced by her spirit and passion for healing work. Our album Like a Healing Stream features a number of songs which were written for services we led with Kathy, and she in turn named her website, Healing Stream Ministry, after the title song from that collection.

Kathy has an amazing spirit and a wonderful voice, and her meditations draw you in and take you to another place of healing and reflection. For our part on the CD, expect a cross-section of songs new and old from our repertoire which reflect on and expand upon Kathy's words, plus instrumental accompaniment for the meditations themselves. A collaboration not to be missed! Details to follow when the album is ready through our partner, MelodicArts Media, likely in late May/early June...

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