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How would Jesus vote?

The provincial election is now on in British Columbia, our home province, with voting day on May 12th. Cheryl and I love elections, since they give us all a chance to reflect on the old adage: "never mix religion and politics." How can we not? Shouldn't our faith affect how we vote? In this election, it might be helpful to put all thoughts of personal gain, or "what's in it for me?" aside, and instead ask ourselves, before marking our ballot: "How would Jesus vote?"

We also have another chance to reform the voting process in British Columbia and adopt a system in which all votes count, proportional representation. The last time we had such a referendum in 2005, it almost passed, even though many people said they really didn't understand how the proposed system works and so didn't know how to vote. So this time, why not become better informed? There are a couple of helpful flash animations available on the web, through the Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform and through the Electoral College of South Australia, which illustrate how the single transferable vote system would work here in BC, if adopted. We hope you find them helpful in your discernment.

And regardless of how you vote, please do it!

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