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What Just Happened in BC?

We are very depressed after watching the election results last night. Regardless of who won a majority, we were anticipating a win for BC-STV, the proposed system of proportional representation for our province. And instead, it was soundly defeated! Fifty-eight percent of British Columbians voted in favour of BC-STV in 2005 (the bar was set at 60% to pass), but this time only 39% voted in favour of the exact same system proposed in 2005! And so our last chance to usher in a culture of consensus and compromise in BC politics has died, and minority voice is shut out for the forseeable future.

For those of us who look at issues of faith, social justice and the environment first when deciding how to vote this is very disconcerting. When will our culture learn that we need all voices at the table, that "business as usual" is leading us nowhere, fast? And we wonder why the percentage of people who bother to vote keeps going down and down...

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