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Climate Debt

We watched Naomi Klein's lecture on climate debt in Toronto last night over a live internet feed, the inaugural David Lewis Lecture sponsored by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Many thanks as always to www.rabble.ca for streaming the event, and for their support of this kind of activism! There are a couple of clips from the lecture available on Youtube.

Naomi speaks eloquently on the notion of climate debt, a concept developed by majority-world nations, and she also reminded us of a campaign building against some of the biggest supporters of the Alberta Tar Sands developments, in particular RBC, the largest financial backer of the project, and PetroCanada/Suncor, one of the largest oil companies involved. If you've been watching coverage of the Vancouver Winter Olympics, you will also know these companies are deeply involved in sponsorship of the games! The Rainforest Action Network, in partnership with the First Nations communities downstream from the tar sands, is promoting the campaign against RBC. Please visit their site and get involved!

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