A communion set for the Earth

A few years back, I started working on a communion set which would reflect a more Creation-centred theology, a set still rooted in the historic Trinitarian formulas of our tradition, but re-interpreted through an environmental lens. The first composition was a simple, layered setting of a text reflecting the character and language of the historic Sanctus or “Holy, holy, holy”. I followed this with a reframing of the Memorial Acclamation and, recently, a Great Amen to complete the set, all with similar musical material to make it cohesive overall.

Please download the pdfs and share these songs with your community – I always appreciate feedback! The mp3 recordings are for rehearsal purposes, with all parts sung by Bruce.

Earth Sanctus PDF

Earth Sanctus MP3

Earth Memorial Acclamation PDF

Earth Memorial Acclamation  MP3

Earth Amen PDF

Earth Amen MP3