Songs for May 15

Three contrasting settings for you of Acts 17:28, “In God we live and move and have our being.” Obviously I have felt grounded in this text! Also, a song inspired by John 14:16-17, “Spirit of Truth,” with a unison/keyboard accompaniment score plus a vocal harmony score. Hope you find them useful for your community worship!

Sixth Sunday of Easter, Year A

Celebrate Christmas in July, church musician style!

When July comes, my thoughts turn to Christmas. Not for the reason you may be thinking of – trying to find an alternative family gathering time to avoid the complications of the Christmas season – but because I need to get ahead in my worship planning so I and my musical ensembles are ready in plenty of time! So if, like me, you’re working ahead, here are a few suggestions from our catalogue for Christmas songs and anthems for you to try with your community. (Many more results are available by searching for “Christmas” in the keywords search box in the sidebar.) Enjoy!

Copyright/Using Our Music

Copyright is a difficult issue for many people to understand, so thank you in advance for you attention to legal matters! We make a large part of our living through the music we create, and illegal copying therefore hurts our ability to create more music.

Here are some answers regarding the various ways you might use our music.

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