Music for Good Friday

Over the years we have produced a lot of music for Good Friday, from anthems to shorter scripture responses which can be woven into a reading of the Passion story. If you are looking for inspiration or for music to share with your community this year, browse our list.

A dance anthem for Easter Sunday

Are you still looking for an anthem for Easter Sunday? Our own choir is working on an SAB anthem with bass and drum dance groove accompaniment, in our case creating a composite choral video of everyone near and far singing their parts, and those of us present in person on Easter Sunday will sing along with the video for an even bigger choral experience.

And did we mention dancing?

Here’s a choral score for you to share with your singers, and there are individual part recordings, a full recording and an accompaniment-only version available on SoundCloud, plus a singalong lyric video on YouTube to aid in learning parts.

Please share and enjoy, our gift to you.

Now is the Moment

We’re leading music these days for Living Interfaith Sanctuary, a contemplative community in Vancouver, BC, which meets every two weeks and lives the seasons by celebrating a faith festival close to the meeting date. This coming Saturday is a combined celebration of the Christian festival of Ascension along with an exploration of the Unity Consciousness tradition, presenting a challenge to us to provide songs which can support and feed both perspectives. Now is the Moment is an attempt to meet both needs, evoking the waiting for the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Ascension texts and the celebration of Now, the desire for true presence in the current moment which is one of the hallmarks of Unity Consciousness. Enjoy and share!