Now is the Moment

We’re leading music these days for Living Interfaith Sanctuary, a contemplative community in Vancouver, BC, which meets every two weeks and lives the seasons by celebrating a faith festival close to the meeting date. This coming Saturday is a combined celebration of the Christian festival of Ascension along with an exploration of the Unity Consciousness tradition, presenting a challenge to us to provide songs which can support and feed both perspectives. Now is the Moment is an attempt to meet both needs, evoking the waiting for the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Ascension texts and the celebration of Now, the desire for true presence in the current moment which is one of the hallmarks of Unity Consciousness. Enjoy and share!

A few ideas for Pentecost

We’ve always loved the festival of Pentecost, the ending of the great 50 days of the Easter season. Here are a few ideas for songs to celebrate on May 31, including a new score for the anthem “Breathe, Spirit”, adding in a simple keyboard accompaniment. Enjoy!

New music for Advent 2019

Here are a couple of new things for you to try in your community, an anthem arrangement of Keep Awake and a new hymn tune, SOUTH DYKE ROAD, written for Philip Doddridge’s 1738 hymn “Hark the glad sound”, a common meter (8686) tune which can be used with many texts of the same meter. Enjoy!