Naramata Deja Vu

It seems like we’ve been to Naramata already this summer… Oh yes, that’s because we have been twice this year! Our second week of music leadership has just ended and we’re on the highway to home. Thanks to everyone – staff, participants and volunteers – who made the week so great. For your continued singing pleasure, here are the scores for the songs we wrote to help make the theme come alive:

  • Network (pdf)
  • The Circle of Life (pdf)
  • Generations (pdf)

We also used an earlier song of ours, a song written for intercultural ministry, during the Wednesday community worship:

  • Alpha and Omega (pdf)

Finally, on the way home, a new song written during the week which didn’t end up getting used for worship morphed into a wonderful, energetic Amen!

  • Amen, Praise God! (pdf)

We would appreciate it if you would ensure the full copyright credits are included on any copies you make, and if you have a license from, please record any songs of ours which you use in worship to help support us in our music making. You can also make a donation anytime for the use of our music, as you see fit, by clicking on the Pay Now button on our MelodicArts sales page, or search through our full catalogue of pdfs, mp3s, CDs and songbooks. Thanks for supporting our ministry!

And if anyone wants the full list of songs we sang during the week, let us know and we’ll email you the spreadsheet. Blessings!

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