A few ideas for Pentecost

We’ve always loved the festival of Pentecost, the ending of the great 50 days of the Easter season. Here are a few ideas for songs to celebrate on May 31, including a new score for the anthem “Breathe, Spirit”, adding in a simple keyboard accompaniment. Enjoy!

New music for Advent 2019

Here are a couple of new things for you to try in your community, an anthem arrangement of Keep Awake and a new hymn tune, SOUTH DYKE ROAD, written for Philip Doddridge’s 1738 hymn “Hark the glad sound”, a common meter (8686) tune which can be used with many texts of the same meter. Enjoy!

You’re Calling Me?

Finally wrestled a song about the conversion of Saul into a singable, SATB, gospel-style version! Try singing verse 1 (Saul’s voice) slowly and freely, then sing the second verse twice around at tempo. Enjoy!

You’re Calling Me