Rhythms of the Spirit in Retrospect

What a great time we had at Rhythms of the Spirit in High River, Alberta, May 14-16! One of the largest gatherings of United Church musicians ever organized: Cheryl and Bruce HardingPaul RumboltLinnea Good and David JonssonrEvolveCommon Cup CompanyBarry LuftPeter Woods and Brian Browne, Betty Lynn Schwab and David Robertson, all in one place for workshops, worship and concerts! It was wild and crazy and a logistical nightmare, but having such an amazing group of musicians to spell each other off and support each other made for much magical music and merriment indeed. Many thanks to Susan Lukey and David Robertson plus all the organizers and the host congregation of High River United Church for putting it all together. Let’s hope a similar event can happen again, and soon…

I wrote two rhythmic chants for worship on the Saturday, “Receiving, Responding” (pdf) and “Rushing Rain” (pdf). Download and enjoy, and let us know if you find them useful.

On the highway home yesterday I was still filled with the spirit of all we had shared together, and so I wrote a lively new Sanctus paraphrase, “Holy Love Abundant,” (pdf). Cheryl was driving, I promise! Download it if you wish and enjoy it with your congregation, as a gift from us.

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