Canadian Thanksgiving and Worldwide Communion

October 7 is an unusual Sunday for those of us working in many Canadian churches, since this year both Thanksgiving Sunday and Worldwide Communion fall on the same day. Here are a few songs to share with your community, depending on which lectionary readings you are following, Proper 22 or the Thanksgiving readings:

  • Psalm 26: “In the Great Congregation” (pdf and bulletin graphic) – you can sing this new psalm refrain as a round, or as an SATB choral arrangement, or both at once!
  • Psalm 126: “Truly God Has Done Great Things for Us” (pdfbulletin graphic and midi) – a joyful refrain for Thanksgiving Sunday
  • Matthew 6:33: “Seek First” (pdf) – our expansion of a well-known scripture verse

Sing and enjoy! 

We would appreciate it if you would ensure the full copyright credits are included on any copies you make, and if you have a license from, please record any songs of ours which you use in worship to help support us in our music making. You can also make a donation anytime for the use of our music by clicking on the Pay Now button on our MelodicArts sales page.

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