Holy Week and Easter, Year A

He Qi, Easter Morning
He Qi, Easter Morning

He Qi, Easter Morning

Again this year we are offering free music downloads for Holy Week! PDF scores for those who are still planning worship for the Triduum, yours to use as you see fit in your worship community, all keyed to the lectionary readings for Year A:

Maundy Thursday:

Good Friday:

Easter Sunday:

We would appreciate it if you would ensure the full copyright credits are included on any copies you make, and if you have a license from www.licensingonline.org, please report any songs of ours which you use in worship to help support us in our music making. You can also make a donation anytime for the use of our music, as you see fit, by clicking on the Pay Now button on our MelodicArts sales page.

Blessings as you walk through these holiest of days.

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